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Thank you to the TN Talent who worked this week! (You might need to put on your glasses to see this one!)

Amber Aguero, Cecil Archbold, Jr, Emma Bahnson, KC Basilotto, Heather Baskin, Monette Bebow-Reinhard, Abby Blankenship, Cooper Bohn, Mary Borchardt, Russell Borchardt, Emily Brown, Jen Buhrow, Kate Burns, Jimmy Chung, Olivia Cuff, Stella Dodge, Nyesha Dow, Heidi Drennan x2, Asia Evans, Trez Gee, Jonathon Gideon, April Heard, Holly Ignatowski, Leslie Ivarson x2, Ari Khatib x2, Martin LaGrande, Ani Martirosyan, Allison McGrath, Sarah Mergener, Jamie Newell, Olson Family, Mandita Patel, Charlie Petrach, Leslie Gray Robbins, Kandice Robins x2, Bonnie and David Sarandos, Adam Schulmerich, Connor Scott, Ted Williams, Jay Winters

#nonunion #talent #agency

#chicago #IL #chicagotalentnetwork

#milwaukee #WI #milwaukeetalentnetwork


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