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Check out The Girl Who Wore Freedom - directed and produced by TN Talent Christian Taylor - premiering at Wednesday, July 24 at 7:00 pm, at Lake Theater in Oak Park, IL!

Normandy Project LLC announces the Chicago screening of

The Girl Who Wore Freedom

As Americans, we probably know more about World War II than any other war in our history. We have heard

about D-Day from movies and stories told by our soldiers who landed on the beaches and parachuted into

pastures and towns to fight for France. They fought and died to liberate men, women, and children from enemy


But an important piece of D-Day history has been missing - stories of the Normandy citizens who were

occupied and liberated on that day. For the people of Normandy, D-Day is more than a date in a history book or

archival footage on a movie screen. D-Day is liberation. D-Day is freedom. For the last 75 years, their love and

appreciation for their liberators continues to be passed on from generation to generation.

A new feature length documentary, The Girl Who Wore Freedom, captures stunning first-hand accounts of the

French citizens living under Nazi occupation. It captures their suffering during the Allied Invasion and

subsequent Battle of Normandy. It documents their joy at liberation and their undying gratitude to America.

Their first-hand accounts will echo through history:

“Americans, they are our liberators. We have to thank them forever.”

“For me, when they arrived, they were 20 years old. I was 10 years old. They were super heroes. And

when they came back it was my pleasure to accompany them, to help them and to listen to them.”

“In all the cemeteries, there were so many deaths to save France and all the countries occupied by

Germany. Where would we be, the French, if you, the Americans hadn’t come?”

“That some boys, in some cases kids, went ashore to our beaches. When you realize that you are free,

that you can use your language and continue to maintain your traditions, then you realize what they

have done and the sacrifices that many of them have made.”

“For the American survivors, we can welcome them, escort them to ceremonies,, take care of them. This

is all I can do, and that is nothing in comparison of what they did for us.”

The Girl Who Wore Freedom is an unconventional love story between the people of Normandy, France and the

American GI’s who freed them from German occupation. It is told by those that lived it. Memories of hardship,

death, heroism, and love.

Experience the profound gratitude for America’s sacrifice when you view the movie trailer at


Normandy Project LLC is hosting a focus group screening on Wednesday, July 24 at 7:00 pm, at Lake Theater,

1022 East Lake Street, Oak Park, IL.

Our honored guest for the evening will be veteran and cast member, Ceo Bauer. Mr. Bauer served as a Private

First-Class in the 377th Regiment of the 95th Infantry Division, which earned the nickname 'Iron Men of Mentz'

for their bravery taking the French city of Metz near the German border. Mr. Bauer was wounded on November

8, 1944, during the attack on Chateau Brieux near the city of Metz, after spending 17 months in hospitals

recovering was honorably discharged in April 1946

This film is a must for anyone who supports our veterans, is passionate about history and enjoys unique

documentary films.

Christian Taylor, creator, producer & director, and other members of the cast and crew will be on hand for a

question and answer session following the screening.

Tickets for this unique event at


The Girl Who Wore Freedom is a co-production by Taylor Productions LTD and Reverse Negative Studios

Inc. under Normandy Project LLC. It is a documentary film telling the unconventional love story between the

people of Normandy, France, and the American veterans who liberated them. This film is an independently

produced and financed project. The film was screened in France for the 75 th anniversary of D-Day.

The producers are seeking financial support to complete production. If you would like to donate or share your

stories of WWII, please visit our website at


Including trailers, current news, blogs, and our weekly podcast, please log onto:

Official website:  





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