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Check out TN Talent Aleksandra August! She's the host and producer of a new culinary travel show about Poland, premiering this weekend in the United States on American Public Television! The premiere date in Chicago (WTTW/channel 11) is Saturday, January 11th at 11:00AM!

"The show is a 13-episode series that is fully dedicated to the subject of Poland and its culinary heritage. It’s the first program in American TV history to explore the country of Poland in such depth and detail. In my role as the host of the show, in each episode I take viewers to one of Poland’s regions where I explore the local culture, history, traditions and tastes! I meet with historians, tour guides, restauranteurs, some of Poland’s top chefs and many locals who tell the story of their part of Poland, highlighting its distinct characteristics and history. Each episode ends with a cooking segment where I teach viewers how to recreate a couple regional dishes."

Sign us up - sounds delicious!

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May 21, 2020

The Flavor of Poland is an excellent show. The show is hosted by the talented Aleksandra August. I am glad I came across this show. I am now seeing it every week when it is on.

Miss August has excellent credentials. Hopefully this show can be televised nationally.

Anthony Joseph Lucchese

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