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Thank you to the TN Talent who worked this week!

~Denotes a Talent’s first time booking with us~

Maher Aghnim, ~Angelo Aguirre~, Cecil Archbold Jr, ~Heather Arendt~, Joanna Bak, Kristie Berger, Cooper Bohn, Joseph Bushell, ~Judith Cervantes~, Jimmy Chung, Veronica Dillard x2, Brenda Dodge, Nyesha Dow, Marselle Duckery, Jamie Ewing, Trez Gee, Kevin Ging, Sedrick Halbert, Seth K Hale, Kat Hawkins, Dev Howard, Brittney Martin, David Perez, Marty Peterson, ~Andre Phillips~, Susan Pritchard, Daniel Sacketos, and Adam Schulmerich


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