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Thank you to the TN Talent who worked this week - the official start of Year 4!

Mimi Black, Jimmy Chung, Claudia DiBiccari, Danielle Desecki, Val Glowinski, Allison Grischow, Wendy Hayne, Holly Ignatowski, Kiersten Kingsley, Joel Kopischke, Elaine Landrum, Terry Lynch, Ani Martirosyan, Katharin Mraz, Simon Provan, Kandice Robins, Tom Test x2, Karen Werb, Sebastian White

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Announcing: CTN and MTN Kids! The Talent Networks now represents kids of all ages, 0-17+. You can browse profiles on our website:

Chicago -


Milwaukee -

Please reach out with all your kid casting needs!

#thetalentnetworks #thirdanniversary

Zoom with The Talent Networks!

All are invited to celebrate our anniversary with us on Zoom. Bring a bring a beverage of your choice to cheers. We’ll take questions, tell stories, talk shop.

THURSDAY 4/29 from 10:00 - 10:30am CST

(We’ll post the Zoom link here beforehand.)

See you there!

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