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Big shoutout to TN Kids Raksha Bharadwaj, Jaiden Jones, and Zoey Olson! From a recent green screen magic on camera shoot.

Thank you to the TN Talent who worked this week!

~Denotes a Talent’s first booking~

Carmen-Renae Ammons, DON Anderson, Cecil Archbold, Jr x2, ~Raksha Bharadwaj~, Angelicque Cate, ~Iris Chavez~, Nicole Janowiak, Jaiden Jones, Tiffany Liang, Zoey Olson, Bradley Ozbolt, Marty Peterson, Penny Roman, Andrew Shapiro, Christopher Serratos x3, Devin Sugerik, and ~Enrique Villanueva~

Shout out to TN Talents Derrion Brown and Ayanna Cooper Vasquez from a recent shoot - both working their first booking with us!

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